Zigazoo launches teacher-run channels, broadcasting influential K12 teachers to a global audience of students

NEW YORK, Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Zigazoo has announced the launch of teacher-run channels, bringing expert classroom teachers remotely to students…

NEW YORK, Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Zigazoo has announced the launch of teacher-run channels, bringing expert classroom teachers remotely to students through video and interactive projects. Now students can watch video lessons from influential classroom teachers from anywhere on Zigazoo and respond to their assignments with video of their work either as part of the global community or private classrooms. These teacher channels supplement popular education channels from Zigazoo media stars and education destinations like museums and zoos, whose projects have helped Zigazoo rack up over 3 million video views in the last few months.

Students and teachers can subscribe to teacher-run science, social studies, language arts, music, physical education, and social emotional channels on Zigazoo. In the coming weeks, Zigazoo will add more channels by influential teachers from across the world.

Kristi Wolcott, 10-year veteran teacher from New Jersey running Zigazoo’s Physical Education channel, says, «The instructional channels provide a simple, at home resource for teachers to assign pre-made projects to their students! I truly love seeing all the responses to my projects and when a classroom teacher or pod leader assigns one of my projects it is the highlight of my day!»

Meghan Sullivan, 20-year veteran teacher from Ohio running Zigazoo’s Social Studies channel, says, «Zigazoo does a great job of bringing together experts in content area and experts in pedagogy. The channels allow the two to merge together for the betterment of the children’s learning.»

Zak Ringelstein, CEO of Zigazoo says, «As an educator myself, I know that some of the best teaching moments don’t ever go beyond the classroom walls and it’s thrilling to finally bring some of the most engaging teachers in the world to homes and classrooms remotely on Zigazoo.»

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Hailed as the «future of remote learning» by TechCrunch, Zigazoo enables families and classrooms to share video responses to projects built by leading museums, zoos, teachers, and media stars. Families can join the Zigazoo global community or teachers can create a Zigazoo classroom to start responding to or assigning channel projects today.

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