QuantalRF’s Quantal Amplifier Provides 9 dB of SNR Improvement in EMTensor’s Brain Scanner

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — QuantalRF, an innovator in breakthrough wireless RF technology, and EMTensor, a global leader in…

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — QuantalRF, an innovator in breakthrough wireless RF technology, and EMTensor, a global leader in Electromagnetic Tomography (ET) imaging solutions, today announced the successful conclusion of a joint evaluation of QuantalRF’s Quantal Amplifier technology within EMTensor’s BRIMG4 4th Generation Electromagnetic Tomography Imaging based brain scanner.

The BRIMG4 scanner consists of many RF sensor modules contained within a cylindrical housing used for capturing electromagnetic energy during the scanning process of a patient’s head for stroke detection and assessment.  The overall Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) of the receivers within these modules is directly correlated to the quality of the image of the brain produced by the system.  Improvement in SNR also has a direct impact on the scan time needed to produce these images. 

«Upon entering this joint evaluation, we were confident that the Quantal Amplifier would produce very compelling SNR improvements for this important medical device application,» said Ali Fard, CEO/CTO of QuantalRF.  «We would like to thank EMTensor for the opportunity to validate our technology in their brain imaging device.»

The goal of the evaluation was to demonstrate the Quantal Amplifier’s superior noise performance over that of the high-performance sub-1 dB Noise Figure commercial Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) already in use in the BRIMG4 scanner.  The test results revealed that the Quantal Amplifier produced up to 9 dB of SNR improvement over the existing LNAs.  From a scan time improvement perspective, this level of SNR improvement directly translates into 8 times faster scan time.  Minimizing scan time is crucial in the rapid correct diagnosis of stroke type for the purposes of directing the correct treatment in early stages of care of stroke patients.

At the outset of this joint evaluation, QuantalRF shared very positive RF performance data that convinced us to participate.  Seeing the actual test results with the Quantal Amplifier operating in our system was quite impressive,» said Stephen Pearce, CEO of EMTensor.  «Use of QuantalRF’s technology will provide a substantial competitive advantage enhancing the benefit our product will bring to the medical industry.»

About EMTensor

EMTensor is the leader in developing electromagnetic tomography (microwave) imaging devices and has a multidisciplinary, international team of leading scientists, engineers, and clinicians based in Vienna, Austria, and globally.

The company is owned by its founders and backed by venture capitalists. To date, over $20 million of private and public funds have been invested. Governmental agencies from the USA (National Institutes of Health), Switzerland, and Austria have financially supported the development of this technology for many years. Specializing in the research and development of modern technologies for fast brain imaging and functional monitoring, the company has 19 issued patents with another 13 patents pending.

For more information, please visit www.EMTensor.com

About QuantalRF

QuantalRF is a global wireless RF technology company with offices in the US and Europe.  The company is developing novel Quantal technologies for RF Front-End Module (FEM) and semiconductor manufacturer customers, as well as solutions for customers with specialized applications.  QuantalRF also licenses its legacy CPL antenna designs to OEMs and ODMs manufacturing high volume wireless products.

For more information, please visit QuantalRF

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