Playrix, with WHO input, launches Yoga Season event for its Gardenscapes online gaming community

DUBLIN, April 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Playrix, the mobile game developer behind the Scapes™ series, is launching a new thematic…

DUBLIN, April 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Playrix, the mobile game developer behind the Scapes™ series, is launching a new thematic event, Yoga Season, in its flagship game, Gardenscapes. This is the company’s first-ever collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO). The event starts when Austin, the game’s main character, receives a letter from WHO with recommendations on how to stay healthy while self-isolating.

Gardenscapes: New Acres


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many of us to spend more time indoors and lead sedentary lifestyles, but staying active is more important than ever. WHO has launched the #HealthyAtHome challenge to help people maintain a physically active lifestyle and stay happy while social distancing.

People from around the world have turned to mobile games during lockdown. As a result, Gardenscapes now has an audience of over 10 million daily active players. After finding out about the #HealthyAtHome challenge, the Playrix development team decided to support the initiative and inspire its multi-million audience to take part.

«We create great games with feel-good storylines that help people from all over the globe take a break from daily life challenges and worrisome news. I’m sure Austin, Katherine, and the other Gardenscapes characters will inspire our players to take part in the #HealthyAtHome challenge, and encourage them to be physically active in real life too. This event is a great example of how the gaming industry and the World Health Organization can join forces for the greater good.» – Maxim Kirilenko, Chief Business Development Officer, Playrix.

The Event

Spring is a wonderful time of year in Gardenscapes: the flowers are blooming, and everything is becoming greener all around. And yet Austin can’t help but feel fatigued after the long winter, so he’s finding it hard to enjoy the warm days of spring. But the time has come to nip those doldrums in the bud! He unexpectedly receives a letter from the World Health Organization with the hashtag #HealthyAtHome and decides to finally give yoga a try.

Together with the characters from Gardenscapes, players will decorate a new gazebo, learn asanas, meditate, and beat exciting match-3 levels to gradually boost their energy levels and start leading healthier lifestyles.

«Gaming companies like Playrix are key in keeping communities informed and safe, especially amid widespread misinformation. Engaging people through interactive online games can be educational, playing a role in promoting healthy lifestyles and actions people can take to protect themselves from deadly diseases, such as COVID-19.» – Andy Pattison, Manager, Digital Channels at the World Health Organization.


Playrix is one of the top 3 most successful mobile game developers in the world and the biggest developer in the CIS region. The company currently has six hit titles that are continuously updated: Manor Matters, Wildscapes, Homescapes, Gardenscapes, Fishdom, and Township. These games have been downloaded 1 billion times and their combined MAU reaches 130 million.

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