Henry Maske back in the boxing ring – with ROOQ, the innovative technology for measurably better performance

«Boxing is ready for a revolution» AACHEN, Germany, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ROOQ is setting the digital course…

«Boxing is ready for a revolution»

AACHEN, Germany, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ROOQ is setting the digital course for the boxing sport of the future – Ralf Rüttgers and the Olympic and professional world champion Henry Maske, both managing directors of ROOQ GmbH, are convinced of this. The visionary technology for training diagnostics is about to enter the global market.

The technology model of the company founded in 2018 is a novelty for boxing. For the first time, athletes and coaches receive individual information on training performance. In addition, they receive all parameters relating to punch behavior, punch speeds, variability and punch force. Through the entire training analysis down to the individual impact values and their developments, training content can be planned in a more targeted manner. Up to now, this has not been possible at all or only with the help of very expensive technology and, above all, only under laboratory conditions. «We have recognized and closed the technology gaps in boxing,» says Ralf Rüttgers, Chief Executive Officer.

From truth to clarity to action

The sports technology records the parameters of each individual punch, automatically differentiates between left and right hand as well as four different types of punches per side. Complete training units are displayed via an app and a cloud database. An online portal, the Coaching Zone, is specifically geared towards the needs of coaches. All training data generated will also be made available to their coaches after the athletes have given their approval. «This technology makes it possible to orientate oneself very specifically on the performance achieved. This is comparable to runners who naturally record the run with an app or smartwatch. For the boxing coach, this results in an uncomplicated permanent and concrete performance analysis. In addition, the creation of an individual training plan is much easier. Training effectiveness is a key to success», says Henry Maske, Chief Sports Officer. In addition, the sensors can be used to train around the clock and no matter at which location. No training session is lost and the training data, which is stored in highly encrypted form in the app and in the cloud, can be accessed at any time, regardless of the location.

Boxing is becoming digital and measurable worldwide

The complete technology set, from the sensors and the app to the coaching zone and the cloud architecture, was developed over four years in Germany with data, software, hardware and firmware specialists as well as athletes and coaches. «We are certain that the ROOQ sensors will soon be used as a natural training tool, similar to the boxing gloves themselves,» says Ralf Rüttgers.

Technology Made in Germany

The ROOQ Box contains two performance-measuring sensors, a mobile charging case including charging cable and two straps (bandages). The athletes wear the sensors in their straps during training and record all specific movements. A technological masterpiece is that the athlete can concentrate fully on his training session, as a mobile phone is not required for data acquisition. Always one punch ahead.

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Sensor technology from ROOQ makes sporting performance transparent.



Henry Maske and Ralf Rüttgers, managing directors of Aachen-based ROOQ GmbH, and their team developed a visionary technology for training analysis and performance optimization in boxing.