Eight Sleep Introduces SleepOS: World’s First Operating System For Sleep Optimization, Using Data to Personalize Pod’s Features

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NEW YORK, June 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Eight Sleep, the world’s first sleep fitness company, today introduced the first data-driven digital ecosystem to focus on sleep optimization, SleepOS, which includes a new suite of features: Smart Temp Autopilot and Sleep and Health Insights. Acting as the brains of Eight Sleep, SleepOS leverages multiple data inputs to create an individual AI model for each user based on personal sleep patterns, past temperature preferences, environment values, and customer feedback. SleepOS continuously adjusts the sleeping environment of the Pod until optimal sleep is reached. The introduction of SleepOS marks yet another milestone in the company’s journey to transform an ordinary bed into an advanced health platform. 

Eight Sleep Introduces SleepOS: World's First Operating System For Sleep Optimization, Using Data to Personalize Pod's Features

Today’s announcement follows Eight Sleep’s recent strategic investment round that saw participation from 40+ celebrities, entrepreneurs and professional athletes, who are committed to helping the world achieve sleep fitness through the company’s full suite of sleep technologies. Notable investors include Alex Rodriguez (retired MLB athlete and entrepreneur), Kevin Hart (actor and comedian), Kyle Vogt (founder of Cruise), Naval Ravikant (founder of Angelist), Anthony Pompliano (entrepreneur), Kris Bryant (Chicago Cubs outfielder), JD Martinez (Boston Red Sox outfielder), Sophia Amoruso (author and entrepreneur).

«Today we are ringing in a new era of sleep improvement, one that is both personalized and digital-first,» said Matteo Franceschetti, Co-founder and CEO of Eight Sleep. «With SleepOS, we are unlocking the best machine-learning technology to optimize the sleep environment while guiding customers towards their personal sleep fitness goals.»

SleepOS is the first software system that is designed to personalize all aspects of sleep for optimal results. A proprietary platform developed by Eight Sleep, SleepOS powers the intelligence of all the company products by connecting the dots between the physical product, the machine learning and algorithms, and the end-user experience in the mobile app.

«Our overall health and wellness is deeply rooted in high quality sleep, and Eight Sleep has developed the most comprehensive solution for helping customers to achieve sleep fitness,» said Dr. Craig Heller, Ph.D. «Sleep fitness is actionable, measurable and achievable, and now with the introduction of SleepOS there is a system that is highly personalized and adjusts to meet the unique needs of each customer.»

The Brains of Eight Sleep: SleepOS leverages multiple data inputs to create an individual AI model for each user.

Since the launch of the Pod in 2019, Eight Sleep has focused on continuous iteration and release of features that are powered by its software to deliver on its promise of sleep improvement. SleepOS enables the Pod to simultaneously run multiple programs and applications, introducing an infinite combination of sleep personalization experiences. This multi-app design matches modern software infrastructure, while ensuring the system is reliable and operates in real-time.

The most advanced microclimate algorithm: Smart Temp Autopilot

With the launch of SleepOS, the company has upgraded its most groundbreaking software feature, Smart Temp, with a new Autopilot algorithm. Smart Temp Autopilot adjusts sleeping temperature based on a personal AI model that accounts for sleep history with the Pod, past temperature preferences, historical and real-time bedroom temperature, historical and real-time local weather, plus user feedback overtime. As any of these factors change, the Smart Temp Autopilot model learns, so it can adjust every night to keep the user at the perfect temperature. For example: if your room is 3.4 degrees Fahrenheit colder one night, Smart Temp Autopilot will adjust the Pod temperature settings to be warmer, to the precise levels that fall within your personal range of comfort.

Smart Temp Autopilot leverages the capabilities of the Pod Pro’s sleep and biometric sensors. The sensors are imperceptibly embedded in the top surface of the Pod Pro, to track key indicators of physical wellness such as Sleep Time, Deep Sleep, REM Sleep, Respiratory Rate, Resting Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Variability. Users can review a Daily Sleep Fitness Report and Daily Health Check delivered by the Eight Sleep app.

Sleep and Health Insights and data-powered behavioral change 

SleepOS turns the Eight Sleep app into a digital sleep coach by offering powerful Sleep and Health Insights. This feature is based on more than 90 million hours of sleep data, and it creates personalized recommendations for each user that provide actionable suggestions to promote positive behavior change.

SleepOS now available in the Eight Sleep App 

Since launching in 2015, Eight Sleep has pioneered sleep performance technology within the health and wellness industry by harnessing scientific data to deliver cutting-edge innovative products that optimize sleep to improve users’ lives. Different individuals have different needs to improve their sleep health, and SleepOS accommodates these by offering the most relevant insights, educational content, and tools, which are  personalized to match every sleeping profile.

SleepOS, Smart Temp Autopilot and Insights are now available as a software update for all Pod products. Users must download the latest version of the Eight Sleep app to access. Visit eightsleep.com for more information.

About Eight Sleep 

Eight Sleep is the world’s first sleep fitness brand with a mission to fuel human potential through optimal sleep. Founded in 2014, Eight Sleep leverages thermoregulation, data, and technology to design products to restore individuals to their peak energy levels every morning. Eight Sleep was named one of Fast Company’s «Most Innovative Companies of 2018,» and recognized two years in a row by TIME’s Best Inventions of the Year. Eight Sleep has raised funds from leading investors including, Founders Fund, Khosla Ventures, Y Combinator, Craft Ventures, and 8VC. To learn more, visit eightsleep.com.


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