Efficiency Capital Launches New Product to Fund Sustainable Building Upgrades

eFunder offers an exceptional funding option for building owners looking to reinvest in their structures and improve performance TORONTO, Sept….

eFunder offers an exceptional funding option for building owners looking to reinvest in their structures and improve performance

TORONTO, Sept. 29, 2020 /CNW/ – Leveraging the financial and environmental rewards of recent building upgrades, energy developer and investment solutions provider Efficiency Capital has introduced eFunder, a new option for building owners to fund energy-efficient improvements and ongoing maintenance of their assets.

This unique funding was developed with owners and managers in mind as COVID-19 has put significant pressure on operators as they deal with increased occupant use and wear and tear on building systems. Efficiency Capital’s offering unlocks funding from previous smart efficiency upgrades, allowing owners and managers to reinvest in their buildings and further improve performance.  

«Our new product offers a fundamentally unique approach to unlocking capital to improve aging infrastructure,» says Chandra Ramadurai, CEO of Efficiency Capital. «We recognized the need to offer new and innovative funding options for building owners with changing needs. Developing eFunder gives us one more avenue to help clients as a one-stop-shop for energy solutions.»

Developed for building owners with an interest in sustainable building upgrades, eFunder is available for those who have already completed recent efficiency improvements and are looking to leverage their updated assets to free up capital to make further improvements, start new energy-efficient projects or invest in other areas. Eligible building owners must be seeking more than $50,000 in funding and have upgraded LED lights, boilers, heat pumps, motors, make-up air units or chillers in the past two years.

«When buildings are retrofit with sustainable upgrades, it’s a win-win situation for owners, occupants and the community,» continues Ramadurai. «Our goal is to help accelerate the use of energy-efficient equipment in buildings across Canada, with eFunder offering a new way to reinvest with existing assets.»

About Efficiency Capital

Offering energy savings as a service, Efficiency Capital is a unique performance-based investment solutions provider that upgrades the energy and environmental performance of buildings with no upfront cost to the owner. Efficiency Capital partners with multi-residential, social housing, commercial, industrial and institutional building owners to fund, develop and manage sustainable upgrades. Guaranteed to reduce costs, decrease carbon footprints and increase asset value, Efficiency Capital offers an array of funding solutions, with the primary solution being the award-winning ESPATM (Energy Savings Performance Agreement) developed by The Atmospheric Fund (TAF).

For more information, visit www.efficiencycap.com.

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